recovering a hacked instagram account guide

Recovering a Hacked Instagram Account (Guide)

Thanks to Instagram, many people’s lives have changed thanks to the application, a free introduction of famous names. But because of the attention and relevance, malicious people have also begun to work on Instagram. So how to recover your hacked Instagram account? Let’s find the answer together.

Change Password

If you are sure that you have not changed your username and password, try to perform the password reset process by clicking on the password forgot my password immediately by clicking on the link.

Account Recovery

You will need to use the Instagram Recovery if you are no longer able to log into your account and assume that the hacker has modified the password. Tap on the “forgot password?” link. Then type in your e-mail, telephone or username.

revovering a hacked Instagram account

2- Factor Authentication

If your access is secured, you can allow 2FA to protect your account. Go to the ‘Settings’ menu, and then into ‘Security’. Now press ‘Two-factor authentication’ and ‘Get Started’.


You should take the next step by removing apps you don’t know or support to protect your account. A list of applications and websites you have access to your account can be found in the “Security” section.

FAQs About Recovering a Hacked Instagram Account

Conclusion on Recovering a Hacked Instagram Account

In this article, we’ve told you how to recover hacked Instagram accounts. We hope that in light of this information, you will have your account. If you want to learn more about the app, we cover up many other popular topics in our articles.
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