Privacy Policy takes much importance on protecting your privacy. We know how important privacy is for you and our aim is to create a safe and secure environment for all our customers. This Privacy Policy applies to and all our online services which belong to us and are operated by us. This Privacy Policy includes how takes and uses the information you provide on our service and also includes how you can view and change this information when it is needed.

We use all user datas to provide you better service and reach our goal of providing a high quality social media service for our all customers.

Our Privacy Policy includes what information we collect from our customers and others who visit our website and use our service, how we use that information and what must be done to keep it private. By visiting our website, you accept all information collecting practises which are described in this privacy policy.

Your use of our service and any information you give us are included in the terms of this Privacy Policy, which is a part of our Terms of Service. Any term used but not stated in this Privacy Policy have the meaning to them in our Terms of Service.

We only gather, use, share, keep or process your personal information when it is needed for them. For example, we might use your personal information when it is needed to to provide services that are subject to terms you have accepted. Besides, we may use your personal information when it is needed to obey legal rules or for the aim of following legitimate interests, if doing these is appropriate for your rights and for the context, such as providing services, addressing social media service performance, fixing bugs, performing internal analytics and executing reasonable monitoring of your use of our services to prevent using our services wrong. In addition, we might, in some cases, ask you for your consent for definite processing of your personal information.

We often gather or take information in three ways: 1) you give your information to us whenever you want, for example, by creating an account, purchasing a service or signing up for our newsletter. 2) We gather information automatically, for example, with cookies or with our other software. 3) Other websites such as those which are our partners may provide information to us. Each of these ways is described in details below.

You can give your personal information to us in order to use our services such as Instagram likes, Instagram followers, Facebook likes and the others. Because we sometimes change our offer so that the options that you choose might change. These are some of the cases that you may give information to us:

  • Signing up on our website to use our social media services, smm resellers,
  • Purchasing a service from us
  • Joining online competitions or participating in special events
  • Signing up to our e-mail list to get the latest news, information and updates about our smm reseller panels.
  • Contacting us to ask any question or to get support.