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Instagram Updates in 2018 is for your Company

Instagram Updates became a new way of exciting, users wait for the new updates and want to be the first one use the feature.

More than 1 billion users have Instagram account and 400 millions of them everyday use Instagram Stories.

Instagram empowered stories because of its effect and actually this has been great for now.

Today we will talk about some of these updates:

Mute Accounts or Posts

With the latest updates now you can mute an account or a post instead of unfollow them. Thus you can mute people you can not unfollow them but also who you do not want to see their posts.

All you need to do tap on (…) from post or account  and than find the mute option and muted the users posts.

You can make undone this proces by visitinf the profile.

Adding Username to your Bio

Instagram do not let you share a link in the posts or any other place. We could only put a link into the bşo page but now we can add any username which is clickable.

Shoppable Posts comes with Instagram Updates

This feature is available only in 9 country but it is matter of time to spread all the world.

With this updates shop on Instagram will be more formal and safe.

We still do not know the exact rules to become a salesman in Instagram but you will have no argument as much as you do your job good.

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Instagram Music Stickers

This feature is also available in just some country and you will be able to use it when post a story and if Instagram music stickers are available in your country you will just post it.

AR Camera Power

Instagram Updates AR Camera Effect

Snapchat and Instagram are already used those feature but Instagram wants to make this AR camera effect more powerfull and actually they have did it!

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