creating a business account on twitter

Creating a Business Account on Twitter!

Twitter accounts are quite iconic when it comes to business. To use twitter as your business account is quite effective. Twitter offers to make both personal and business accounts. So creating a Business acc on Twitter adds a good reputation to your company and other affairs. Also, keeping a unique twitter handle for your business account bring lots of attention, followers, and value in your business establishment. 

How to start a twitter business account?

To create a company account is similar in creating a personal acc on twitter:

  1. Open Twitter and sign-up by providing a user name, email, and password in designated fields to your account.
  2. Upload Picture you choose to display as your twitter company account. And then click “create my account.” 
  3. Your account will be created after email confirmation.

Note that Twitter requires a unique email for each account, whether your personal or company account. So keep separate mail IDs for both accounts. Now to start a twitter business account, one must keep the following points:

  1. For a good company account, you should keep your Twitter handle, Profile photo, background or header image and bio, related to your business. 

Tip: Make an account using a unique ID that matches your company name.

NOTE: Twitter Handle is your unique username that appears at the end of twitter URL, with “@.”

Try to connect with other iconic Twitter users that are related to your business stream. This will populate your time-line and suggests more for developing your business acc . 

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Tip: Always keep a pinned post on twitter that shows your latest business activity.

twitter business account

Connect Twitter to Facebook Business Page

Connecting multiple social media provide cross-platform links to your business clients.

  1. Click on the small profile picture in the top bar; this is open a drop-down menu.
  2. Click on the settings; this will open your twitter account setting.
  3. Scroll down and click on Facebook connect.
  4. After providing your Facebook credentials and other related information, your account will be synced and connected.

FAQs on Twitter Business Account

What is a Twitter Business account?

A Twitter Business acc is good for socializing your company reputation.

Advantages of keeping a company account? 

Twitter is the HUB of iconic personals, so creating a business acc on twitter boosts by connecting with popular business streams.

Is using multiple business accounts for promotions good?

Using multiple accounts is a forgery act. By the new ruling of Twitter, your accounts will be suspended.

To Conclude on Twitter Business Account

This article discusses “Creating a Business Account on Twitter,” providing golden tips and notes. If you want to learn more about the app, we cover up many other popular topics in our articles.

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